Sunday, October 26, 2014

Let Aamir enthuse Muslims to come out for modernisation

True Aamir has not shown ills in Muslims. Muslims are poor because they have many more then two children. They r so careless that their children join ISIS like organisation but they do not know. Their basti are very dirty and they do not want to do social work and beautify their own locality. They are far behind in philanthropy and starting charitable institute. In Mumbai Jains are less then 1 lac but own hundreds of charitable institutes ( and most beneficiaries are Muslims, UPians , Bihari ) and Muslims ka are 30 lacs but they can not name even 30 good institutions in Mumbai. So they want all free ke and Aamir shields them.

Let Aamir enthuse Muslims to come out for modernisation, for contributing more for poor Muslims and ask them to have less children but educate them give them quality of life instead of giving quantity .

There r many many good Muslim. If the focus of leaders of their samaj is changed to developing and educating their youth, teach them living lawfully and become useful to their own poor brothers and sisters by founding educational and medical institutes then lot will change. But they are putting them selves behind Dawood, Owaisis and such and then there is a rift and they feel they r in minority and develop complex and then produce uncontrolled children who take to weapons and violence.

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