Friday, September 19, 2014

Owaisi gave a venomous speech response

Owaisi gave a venomous speech today ( why , where what not written here to not to give him mileage ) . But one Ashish used bad words trying to show him down.
My comments on what Ashish wrote: Ashish ji, Use good language even if one does not deserve that. If u want to put Hindus in sleep mode then give false bravity story of Hindus and show Owaisi and alike as weak. But fact is world wide different. Besides Gulf, now africa, asia pacific, russia, Europe and even China is affected by rising blood sucking population of extremists. So take threats of Owaisi seriously. U ll not realise but when some foreign country will help them and Thapa like and mumbai police type ( who made Dawood , Yusuf, Haji etc mafia and who did serial bombing in Mumbai and then u know Kasab and his gang. U survived and some ppl near u does not mean u r safe forever. And note most Muslims are peace loving, good and that is why he still has to plead them to unite, so v hv some peace because of these good muslims. Do not alienate them. Do not use one stick to whip all. Let us live with all communities as family but to avert all risk have family planning thru good incentives. And if population balance , good education and good job opportunity is given priority then automatically no one will care for such ppl. Actually best punishment to Owaisis will be by ignoring him as even such speech coverage gives him publicity. And Muslim with farsight have realised that such leaders will affect their progress badly. They need good diplomatic leaders who can nicely put their demands and get it attended. All groups have some dire needs and demands but ways to put has to be nice... Hope peace loving Muslims will charge and sideline aggressive leaders who will only misguide youth and ruin their future and make everyone vulnerable.

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