Saturday, November 26, 2011

My response to Advocates conference...on facebook

Vinod Sampat EXCELLENT PROGRAMME ORGANISED UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF ADV. ANIL SINGH BY THE BAR COUNCIL OF MAHARASHTRA AND GOA WHICH WAS ATTENDED BY CHIEF MINISTER MAHARASHTRA AND GOA BESIDES A NUMBER OF JUDGES OF SUPREME COURT, BOMBAY HIGH COURT AND SENIOR LAWYERS. ABOUT 1400 ADVOCATES ATTENDED THE SEMINAR IN ITS 50TH YEAR. MOOD OF CELEBRATION IS PREVALENT AMONG LAWYERS. VERY HAPPY TO MEET MY OLD BUDDIES. Like · · Share · 14 hours ago near Mumbai · --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ajay Chaturvedi and 4 others like this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alok Tholiya So it was a good Facebook kind assembly. But is something going to change in justice system??? Any important resolutions passed??? Is Anil Singh trying to rub shoulders or he means business??? Pardon my language but I have spent my 57 years in such gatherings where nothing was achieved, nothing was debated, nothing was passed but light was lit, bouquet distributed, speeches given, had sumptuous food , kingpins of org rubbed shoulder and others left for facing next day before delaying courts, harassing officers, corrupt politicians etc etc.. My life never changed for better.. Has anyone's life , has Mumbai, has judiciary, has bureaucrats ever changed for better???????? Sorry ...and I stand to correct if I am wrong . And I wonder this is a second such meeting as in first meeting CM did not come. So this time they managed to have CM. Great. But the expenditure on these two meet may be around 25 lacs.( host a small party and one will know the cost) . It is very important to know who is funding and why??? I have stopped having a cup of tea in social functions if I dont have these answers. I will have something only if there is a registration charge or or if prominently the name of sponsors are announced. Big order but yes I dont want fingers on me as I raise on all and sundry. Though I may attend such meetings to know / deliberate but avoid food, souviniers, memntoes etc.. a few seconds ago · Like

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