Friday, November 25, 2011

what they write on face book and what I write .....

Siddharth Murarka today is LAW DAY and also 26/11 yani kasab day. we promise all terrorist that whatever may be the expences we will not punish them, keep them guest and will give them lifetime proper hearing at all levels though we may have to sacrifice our own men and violate their right to be heard in court... PAKKA PROMISE. jai kasab Like · · Share · about an hour ago via BlackBerry · 4 people like this. Mukund Chari is this the promise by our PM AND soniya ji,,, about an hour ago · Like Ahtsham H Batt India being A sovereign state hs its own identity @ Int level.& nations r not governed by sentiments. about an hour ago · Like <b>Alok Tholiya In all probability Kasab will be hanged. However we can not circumvent process of law and earn bad name. Bad name has been earned by judiciary by dealying cases as influential advocates take adjournments on false grounds, cause influential politicians take bail like fast food served really fast, that who's who get balance of justice always on their side. But in Kasab's case there has been no unnecessary delays. We dont have to criticise only for the sake of ... And Kasab has to be protected till he is hanged else Pakistan will kill many of our innocent litigants on same example. He is a prized catch. His capture has changed the world opinion on Pak. Brave police lost his life to arraest him and thus we can not risk his life at the hands of some unruly crowd. Our people are so mad and coward that they can attck Annaji and other unprotected harmless. They wont dare to attack Dawood or alike. Hence he is to be protected till hanged by due process of law. Sorry though u r an advocate but ...... no one dares to say except Alok such things........... a few seconds ago · Unlike · 1

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