Sunday, May 18, 2014

But if BJP behaves high handed

At times BJP won only 2 seats inspite of decades of existence. BJP did settings with 25 other parties. AAP fought on its own. And fought for a principles. They removed many candidates on hearing their hidden side. BJP still has Yedu and Gadkari etc.. In last one month a feeling spread that AAP may not get majority and hence congress may come back and ppl were very angry with cong for scams and inflation, increased rape cases, poor response to enemy country , psydo secularism etc.. . Things turned and AAP supporters voted for BJP. Actually AK should hv nither become CM and should not hv contested Varanasi. He should have monitored and worked to inject more strength to his candidates. He became busy and Modi was preparing meticulously for last decade. He cud dump Advani ji and others so was his Chanakya strategy a fool proof one. And cong and others did not get alerted and prepared. Not even after losing 4 states. Wind was favourable and money, muscle, everything was used as fire power. IF Modi ji really give development, shock to enemy countries , introduce family planning etc then we are blessed never mind political positions, But if BJP behaves high handed, gives free hand to Adani, Ambani, Yedu etc then AAP will encash and are ready to pounce.

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