Thursday, March 6, 2014

I want no progress if I am going to be attacked by lathi or my voice will be curtailed by tanashah ....

I will fight against all dictators, all emergencies, all lathi wielding attackers, all t hose who want to take away right to agitate/ go on satyagraha .....

I still will say I will live in hell but love independence, freedom of speech, right to raise voice against wrongs, right to protest and so on then living in golden cage where I will get arrested, blocked by police or attacked by lathi wielding snatching my rights. I am all praise for Modi ji for his developmental abilities but want my right to protest , want strong RTI, right to redressal of grievances in fixed time frame, want strong jan lokpal. Is Gujarat  only a cage of gold where my voice will be not heard, freedom of speech/freedom to  protest taken away , bad RTI, no lokpal, attack on opposition parties, attack on peaceful protesters....I fear unlawful rowdy emergency .......

AAP Vol not loose patience, do not get angry, do not take law in hand but protests all wrongs , fear not any dictatorial forces but forget not the peaceful satyagraha.....of course u will hv to face some attack but then u will win heart of millions . Make videos of such attack by lathi wielding agents of any dictator or police and India will be with us.

Kiron ji, Freedom to protest is my biggest right , to fight against anarchy is my duty, to save my future generation from dictatorial regime, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats is my Geeta/ my bible,my dharam and for that I will be peacefully in street everyday or even every minute of my life. I will not waste whole  life waiting to see change which earlier generation did for 60 years . Every minute is opportunity and I will use it to attack by peaceful satyagraha against anarchists, looters, corrupt, and so on.

Modi ji,
Mujhe roti se jyada meri right to protest and RTI and Jan lokpal pyara hei. Do u offer that?
Where were ur lathi carrying force when jain murti was broken in Lucknow last year post namaj. R they for attacking peaceful protests? Where were they when Jain Sadhu was attacked by a mad Hindu?Where were they when jain mandir was attacked by extremists in Kashmir last year.
But they appeared in large no. to attack peaceful protesters of AAP and sadly AAP workers retaliated and spoilt their own name. 

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