Friday, October 29, 2010

This is what I wrote in reply to : what was said by Moily and appearedin Indian Muslim Observer..

Alok says: and no one told you before...

But I see minority flouting all laws. They too block roads.They too construct unauthorized worship places. They are also ( like many others) in to illegal activities. Most law enforcing agencies dread of entering Muslim dominated areas.And then lot of hue and cry abt others not doing enough fo minorities. But in pro rata terms if Muslims have 20% population then are they contributing taxes to same ratio? Are they building to same ratio schools, colleges, hospitals,water huts, tree plantation,humanity center to suffering handicap/ poor/old/widow/animals etc.. ( or we only see them crowding institutions and charities run by others) ( or we see them not in work of humanity but only in human rights) ( or we see them in large no only in politics and not in social work??) ( or we their and other vote hungry leaders frustrating them, misguiding them instead of motivating them to become educated, start good career, earn right way and spend on other needy in community and on even others not for own community.Some one said ask not what country can do for you but what u can do for country. I find minorities only know reverse of this. If I am wrong then use your PR and show to world that u r not beggers but giver too. You are not ask but share too. You are not only demanding but considerate too.See if that happens then how automatically fanatics and terrorist of majority community get totally side lined. Also advise other muslim nations to give freedom to other religions what you expect and get in India , Nepal, USA, Sri Lanka , France etc.. Ask them to convert to democracy these countries give to people not from originally from their own land. Ask those Muslim and other countries to allow buying and owning land by other migrants living in these country for decades. Ask Pakistan that why their own good citizen when died but was a Hindu they wrote on his coffin Kafir. If these changes come then I can assure you that everything will change . We will see new human, brotherly,friendly world and instead of cribbings and cries we will see love and praise for each other. .....No one tells you this ..Alok
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