Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daddy had a fall at 4 am


he woke me up with lot of pain on back of head. Due to weakness, lack of ability to balance etc it is common for all sr citizens and ailing to fall specially in the night when visibility is poor, person is drowsy and often bit confused abt directions, hurdles when getting out of bed for urination etc.


1. Keep a helper who will sleep with sr citizens. But we hired a maid / nurse for maa and realized that she used to go in deep sleep and would not listen for maa's call. Even she retaliated some times when we woke her up saying maa was calling her. In other cases as per media the help which u keep turn in to criminals as they have easy access to all info. /happenings in the house. Pl. recommend a suitable boy/ maid for ailing person as family concerned may not get easily.(  I too want a male help for him,


2. Baby monitor ( audio and video camera near baby but can be near patient /sr citizens and monitor with others) can be useful but not available in India easily. We have tried to get but no luck. Today security market is only concentrating and encashing over ripe CCTV demand.Pl. suggest baby monitor and all cost will be paid.


3. Sr citizens need to be cautioned

a. against fall as it leads to head injury, fractures, hip joint fractures etc

b. They have to be advised to use urine pot as not good to get up frequently in the night

c. They have to be advised vitamins as general weakness tends to develop with age.

4. They have to sleep near western toilet (attached room)


who will bell the cat?????????????? pl. help.


5. For funeral and last rites only 4 persons are required. For prayers ( Uthamana ) people r required to share sorrow of close relatives. Jain religion does not believe in yearly Shradha/ rituals and recommends what u have to do for elders do it when they are alive and not to do after they are gone to their photo. Feeding others in the name of dead is like cleansing ur biting conscious and getting mental relief for the sins/ negligence/ lack of performance of duty when he/she was alive. So taking care of sr citizens is often long drawn process. So everyone's time, help (at least for whiling away time as they get bored being lonely) is required. So spend some time with sr citizens when needed and not after their death.


6. Advising sr citizens and arranging lectures where they can be told of lot of helpful things is duty of society/ professionals etc.. They would never listen to family members or those with whom they r 24 hrs/ often r biased.



7. The area which is used by sr. citizens should be clutter free. Should not have different levels. Support bars in toilet etc are must. Place must be well lit.


8. Rotary/ Lions / local bodies should add one more committee "Friends of Sr. citizens". The members must turn by turn visit sr citizens in their locality, their ex members etc. Presently Mumbai police is sincerely doing this which good social organizations should do.


9.Cluster of housing society can keep patients rehabilitation items so not everyone has to buy and stock. Like patients bed/ fowler bed, sticks, tripods, pots, walker, wheel chairs, water bed, air bed etc..  By the way I am already in my personal capacity is running this project and giving against full refundable deposit these items to needy patients most of them r sr. citizens.


This mail is to my near and dear ones but I am making this mail open as cud be of use to others too. 



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