Saturday, June 23, 2012

Arrest Chief Secretary, Secretary PWD, minister PWD immediately

When cinema got burnt in Delhi, Ansal were arrested and prosecuted. Court has asked them to pay heavy compensation to victims , and rightly so.

Hospital burnt in Calcutta and Medical director was Jailed.

Mantralaya has burnt and more then 5 innocents have lost their lives. Very important documents are lost.
Our asset worth millions is lost in fire and they will renovate same with our blood sucking taxes.
They purposely ignored several reports and advises and rules which could have saved Mantralaya , life and property from being lost.

BMC and police will not act unless some one gets direction of court and get the culprits, those who neglected the relevant rules and remained busy in scheming for scams.

Someone also has to bring orders that Mantralaya and all other offices of Govt, police, BMC etc must be paperless, all e-documents must be uploaded on cloud at three servers situated at different parts of India or if possible ( from security point of view then one at Singapore ) etc.

Visitors need not flock Mantralaya. They be asked to have meeting on Video conferencing.

All letters ( till paperless office comes it existence) must be received at one post office type center. I had written on this several times. But they insist one to go to concerned dept to handover letter. So all couriers, peon, small to big visitors are first made to stand in long queue, thoroughly checked for security , then let in just for delivering a letter.If dispatch counter for Mantralaya is on gate post or like place , even in some other building preferably near Church gate station then such load on Mantralaya of daily frisking thousands will be reduced. But since all govt officers are busy making money they think less visitors means less interaction and less bribe so they do not like to implement this simple suggestion.

All correspondence and letterheads of govt offices must carry email id. Citizens be advised to use emails for all purposes instead of visiting in person. ( But bribe????) >

There can be a high tech committee to modernize Mantralaya safe e-record keeping. But again our illletrate politicians and old bureaucrats will  oppose modernization due to their inability to use modern gadgets and for some ill conceived fears which they bear.

Will some one file PIL to this effect?????????

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