Friday, February 6, 2015

Alok comments on controversy on one religious head

Alok comments on controversy on one religious head extending support to a particular political party: Every Indian has right to support / extend support to any candidate or any party legally standing. Any controversy is attack on their freedom. As far as religions over tones are concerned till there is some healthy law all religious heads some little or some more are giving dictates / fatva or trying to influence voters.
It is discourteous to refuse any support. One has right to support as a voter and if you have not asked for it just keep quite as anyone doing so on his / her wish is his right and concern. There r smugglers, mafia, criminals and so on contesting or supporting some one or other but there is no halla gulla but a particular religious leader doing so is attacked left right and center. Why? If Akali heads , sadhvis, sadhus, Sri sri, Baba, saffornists, communists, saccha dera, Jats, maraths, some on language some on community, Dawoodi bohra head, Churches etc can take sides then what crime a particular religious head has done to invite so much criticism? Let us not have double standard or so much of venom against a particular group on account of their siding with some one you do not like for your vested interest

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