Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yes I want to join....Alok

Yes I want to join....Alok 

 And six extensions?? 

No. U will be shocked to know that there was a metropolitan transport team  of planning commission which planned this flyover in 1965 and was to be completed by 1970. But as politicians and bureaucrats are busy in making money they keep delaying everything to get full juice by exerting more crush and hence delay of 40 years in this link road. In 40 years world has changed for better but India specially Mumbai has gone to doge. 

How I know abt MTT??? By dad's closest friend just like brother Shri Rameshchandraji Sharma was in this team and made several proposals for development of Mumbai. He was in planning commission, Delhi. For his planning he used to come to Mumbai and would stay with us. He would share these plans with us while chitchatting but whatever I heard from him nothing or very little has come up in Mumbai. 

I still have his email id/ and nos. ( though retired and old)  if some well known person from media would like to take his interview and let citizens of Mumbai know that all best plans have remained in files and money gone in scams and today IAS, commissioners, collectors,secretaries,tahsildar,talati  and others are having 1000 crore + in their coffers but we live in Pathetic condition. 

Some RTI activist can also get info from planning commission as to what were the plans for Mumbai. 

I appreciate ur good work of creating awareness abt govt apathy and sinister delays. 

I have been saying for years  that we must make small videos comparing Malaysia, China etc who have come up in last 25 yrs and where we stand. 

And they say India shining???? Shameless people. 


On Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 1:57 PM, jiten <> wrote:
Next 2 next Sunday, that is, 9th Oct. afternoon/evening plan to do documentation with photographs of present situation of work of Santcruz Chembur Link Road (SCLR) which had 6 extensions of completion date. Delayed by more than 4 years still about 30% work pending. On this day we, Citizen wish to complete first phase from WE highway till Kurla west tracks. If time permits from Kurla east till EE highway on same day or otherwise next subsequent Sunday. Those who wish to join, please confirm. Such documentation could be use to built extra pressure. Already some media people & concious citizens have confirmed their participation.


Jitendra Gupta
member of Citizen Transport committee (CTC)

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