Sunday, November 13, 2011

Top officers, politicians and neta's cooking for nibbling 7000 cr and poor will keep suffering

Vijay Mallaya has offered PM Rs 1500/- crore for UP elections and in turn he is getting bail out package being drafted by Prafull patel, Vaylar ravi, digvijay singh and Kapil sibbal . If some one does not file writ or an agitation is started then we will loose another 7000 crores which cud be used for poor, down trodden, widow, sr citizens, patients,or for development. And after bailing out Mallaya is going to take Sonia, Rahul, Manmohan etc for photo shoot of calender showing naked girls. ......Wake sleeping Indians, if u pay taxes, pay for high cost petrol etc etc then raise voice before govt coofeers are emptied on Vijay Mallaya for splurging on girls, horses, wine, race etc etc.. ...Alok Tholiya --- In, karmayog wrote: > > > On 12-Nov-2011, at 6:54 PM, SURENDRA MALHOTRA wrote: > > It is well known in the aviation circle as to how this syndicate of Jet,Kingfisher and the aviation minister have been looting the tax payer. > First they made Air India sick and now because they dont want to pay they want the tax payer to pay for their extravagant jaunts. > What about the money made by these airlines when they treble the fares.The govt has no control. > Why other airlines like Indigo and spice are not in the red. > If at all the govt wants to bail out then they should first bail out the farmers who are committing suicides. > Because of wrong policies of the govt many industries have become sick.How about bailing them out. > No one asks this govt why plastic raw material is available at almost half the price in China. > No one asks this govt as to why in Bangla desh petrol is available at Rs 45. > If at all some one needs bailing out it is the common man burdened by inflation ,corruption and terrorism. > S.Malhotra > INDIA FIRST >

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