Sunday, November 13, 2011

Reply to query raised by Shri Bharat Chudiwalaji

[menow] Reply to query raised by Shri Bharat Chudiwalaji ....Seat Belts Save lives????‏ Namaskar. I want to simplify life by saying we should not delve in to all issues. Human rights, dignity, development , corruption free society, right to get lawful work done in right time, are issues which we must all be alert and protect our rights and for which we have to be alert, thinking, vocal and if needed should fight for like Annaji and commonmen and even media did recently. But many other things we must leave on sensibilities of govt. machinery like traffic rules, pollution, population, dance bars, gutka, smoking , saving greenery, protecting wild life, conserving resources etc etc If there r no enough rules then we may raise issues but when there are enough rules then we must blindly follow them and be a resposible citizen. These rules are framed after lot of studies, lot of efforts, experties, expirience go in to making rules. Since there r many countries who are already ahead of us in many ways so they face the music too before us so while framing a rule even our govt . experts take in to account how and why from issues affecting them and rules framed by them. Motor accidents are also similar issue. The modern cars with quick pick up and high speed and express highways / flyovers have come up. To control severe damage to drivers and passengers the belts are must. But not many care so the strict law. I feel even Air bags will be compulsory in a year or two. Country can not afford paraplegics everywhere due to car accidents. Similarly speeds are also regulated by authorities. So to avoid severe accidents as happened in the case of Salman Khan there r speed limits and everyone must adhere to them without being smart or feeling superior or feeling he is VIP and is above law. Specially parents must educate teens to learn driving discipline as their life is the costliest and that is a age when they are negiligient. Similarly alcohol. Govt is doing their best to eduacte and punish such motorists but many still undermine the law and suffer or make others suffer. At times I find govt / ministry has made a very good law but even judiciary has unnecessarily intervrned. Like govt has to manage law and order, health of citizens and therefore they are best to decide timing of bars, ladies bar, sale of Gutka etc but thru PIL courts have intervened where they should not. But same judiciary has also passed so many bold and visionary orders that we can breathe a free air or if was fully left in the hands of only govt then we could be just living like in banana republic. So things go on ... we must delve only on very cocerning issues and let experts in bureacracy frame good laws and we follow them. Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya To: From: Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 18:01:48 +0530 Subject: Re: [menow] Seat Belts Save lives!!! Dear Alokji, I have a question, which I often ask myself or even a traffic cop!!! Which is a better option??? To Wear a SEAT BELT and DRIVE FASTER!!! (You may SAVE YOURSELF, but what about PEDASTRIANS???) It seems we have forgotten NANDAs and SALMAN KHAN!!! or NOT TO WEAR A SEAT BELT but DRIVE SLOWER?? You save yourself, but more importantly you DONT KILL OTHERS!!!) Bharat

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