Tuesday, April 23, 2013

your imaginative managers will start levying charges going to su su in bank

This is shocking state of affair that whenever bank chief has a fight with his wife over money he unilateraly increases charges and puts newer charges on account holders. Finance minister and RBI are hand in glove with these bankers.

Aam Admi party, 

Take up these issues as see that only those banks are given permission for new branches who run banks on minimum expenses and kep their charges low.

Mr Puri,
HDFC bank

How can u levy a newer bank charges : 
when bank is already in huge profits?
When you have not obtained consent from account holder in writing before starting to debit the account holder then how can u cut money from our account suo motto? Only because we have entrusted with you our money? Because our accounts are in your hand can you just introduce and directly start debiting us? 

That means one day will come when your imaginative managers will start levying charges on  us for you  going to su su in bank or for looking at your PA?? My language is Sounding cheap to me myself but  then when you are running a bank then certain things come always with basic product. Have you booked a hotel room, ordered Idli in restaurant or gotten admitted to a hospital or so on. Several services and products are available free inclusive of basic cost. No one charges for sambar or chutany or variyali or salt and pepper but it it was a HDFC Hotel then u will charges even for taking down order . Very cheap and very dirty. U r a blood sucker in a sophisticated style but equally harmful like dragon. 

I will suggested reduce on size of premises you take, take on interior roads, give lesser facility to yourself and your staff ( u must know that 50 crore of your India brothers and sisters do not even get one square meal) , do not keep renovating branches, and have other saving measures introduced then on one hand having extravaganza and on other hand looting and fleecing cornered account holders. 

I will warn you that I will not tolerate introduction of any new imaginative charges without my written consent and without publicly giving moral and financial reasons / justifications for same. 

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

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