Thursday, April 25, 2013

SHOULD NOT THERE BE LAW THAT BANKS, MOBILE COS. take written consent before debiting client


There is no stoppage from defrauding and fleecing clients.
Even though I do not use net on mobile I was heavily billed for same. On protest part billing was waived and I was asked to pay part which is Rs 870/- and I was told that my connection is on. I also have email to that effect in my record.

I paid same. But then the my no. xxxxxxxxx was not working. Idiots sitting in Voda gallery never gave all requirement in one go and made my man visit minimum  5 times.Finally my service was restored but I was never informed that there will be any reconnection charges.
My bill shows Rs 300/- debited to me for reconnection. This immoral Voda bosses have power in hand to debit any one as they like and they know TRAI/ DOT/ ministry of telecom are in their pocket so they do what levy charges as they like without taking written consent.
Shocking and true that these co. has to loot Indians with the collusion of treacherous bureaucracy and leaders.

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  1. Smita Ghia
    1:16 PM (2 hours ago)
    to me
    In India now it seems there is no moral, everyone wants to loot. There need not be any fault, but they just want to loot people from top to bottom weather political or social platform.We are slaves in free India.