Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My comment on Times news about China entering Indian boundries

Dear Reader,
Your comment on the article ''Government hopes row with China in Ladakh will be resolved peacefully'' is now displayed on
''Majboori ka naam mahatma Gandhi. I always heard this phrase but realized meaning after reading this story. India has no guts to raise voice against China. Rather India is in a pitiable , sorry state before china but even Japan, England and many advance countries are at the feet of China. And unless we all form a strong defense pact the time ahead is very risky with the intentions and preparedness of China. I find only Pranab Mukharji of that capability and pride who can do that. Let him visit Israel, France, Japan, US, S. Korea , Russia etc and find a system to create a a force which can match the dangerous Dragon. ret of the world must cooperate with each other on defence and economic front instead of pumping vitamins in the devil. Wake up or it will be too late by 2020. ''
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