Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AAM party can demand job quota for all families having less then Rs 1 lac income and not living in metros

 Kick and boot separatists
Akhilesh asks UPA to provide job quotas for Muslims
IANS India Private LimitedBy Indo Asian News Service | IANS India Private Limited – 10 hours ago

As everyone knows Akhilesh Yadav’s family was sent to India as fugitive by Pakistan and due to Pak Support they have even become powerful politicians.

We have even seen violence / discomfort on reservations given for SC/ ST etc.. So such condemnable demand will create a great divide in India. It is time to rise against such a nefarious anti patriotic, divisive politics. If Akhilesh had asked for one  govt job for all such family following family planning and yet earning less then Rs 1 lac a year be it Hindu , Muslim, Sikh, Esai, Jain, Parsi , Budha, Zew etc then I will and all other sane persons will support such a human demand. But asking favours for one community ( on the eve of elections) is creating divide between them and others .  Then I too demand job quotas for Jains, Parsi, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, and others.
I think it is SOS time to rise before it is too late and Akhilesh does damage to already cast and communal based weak and stupid country. 
Next time this son of B….ch comes to Mumbai I will show a black color flag to him. I ask all those with even little sanity to do so and do not vote for such a selfish person willing to create divide between to major communities of this country which was already enslaved for over 1000 years by brutals ( who killed, converted, and even raped lacs of women)  due to unpatriotic dagabaz selfish like Akhilesh. 

Wake up and agitate against Akhilesh before it is too late...

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