Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My response to a very strong words of Ravindra Singh which will kill the Kranti least I don't want to loose this opportunity of life time pl. pl.

become sane , play a positive role, help in giving right direction to agitation and do not kill it and extend anarchy,slavery, and dictatorship of authority.....Alok

Dear Ravindra Singhji and alike,

Pl. join some spiritual programme from saving for going fully insane. Listen to Osho pravachan or similar.

Pl. get ability of identifying a true enemy / devil and the error maker well wishers. Do not shoot down ur own well wishers in a hurry as they make some mistakes.If we take in hand some job we too may make some mistake. Understand difference between  purposeful attack on democracy and enslaving and another innocent mistake which may be some time equally serious but we see the intent.

Do not use such harsh words and instead send good suggestions politely to the respected leaders taking us for true freedom.They too r human beings and can err. Draw their attention. U made some valuable comments but in great agitation. Take this mail to a psychiatrist and he will be able to help and then true powerful personality will emerge. Gandhiji wud not be Gandhiji if not keys properly  by Vallabhabhai,Nehruji,Tilakji, and other great leaders. U and me cant lead the agitation but can give correct direction to those who can. So give them correct direction and be party to true freedom.Do not shoot down the opportunity given to us after 60 yrs of slavery.They too need tips,and assistance.Give them and rise to the occasion.


--- In, Ravinder Singh <progressindia008@...> wrote:
> Sampoorna Loot & Profiteering Program of Anna & Ramdev Coterie

> Kiran Peshawaria Bedi,
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya

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