Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear madpe and Krish SOS mail and pl. reply on SOS basis??

Alok write to some who have high fear/inhibition on bold democratic moves of Baba and who do allegations on them.

1. Is it wrong to form a political party?
2. Is it crime to have ambition to go in politics?
3. Is it wrong to allocate funds for activities planned be it political /social/ family/ business/charity? He has allocated Rs 200/-Cr. for his political career so is it wrong? Every one should allocate budget for even party/marriage/day to day and those who dont go hay ware. I have seen so many people unplanned and going in debts/committing suicide/surrendering projects( Mandke Hospital) / banks taking over etc..
Though if corruption is not removed then with 200 cr u cant fight on all seats of even BMC forget abt national election where u need more then Rs 10CR X 550 or whatever is no. of seat.
4. Is it a birth right of only existing political  parties to political agenda/ mission/ambition?

5. Did u object when Sanjay Datt joined politics who had  drug  habits,who bought AK47, who had relations with underworld? Did u raise voice when so many 55% criminals fight election from various political parties and win elections? What good so many filstars have done to be in politics?What good so many mafias,businessman etc have done to not to get ur criticism for joining politics for personal agenda?

6. I can go on but .....

7. Jamite islami, Muslim league,republic, communist ,saffrons,blues, greens,red every one can have political ambition, people on roll of ISI like Digvi,on role of FBI, on roll of Russia ,on roll of china can be in politics then why not Baba???

Madpeji, u have phobia of kesari cloth, u have fear of honest coming to power. Pl. go for counseling or disclose ur vested interest.
I can understand Shahrukh and Salman opposing demand to bring back black money from Swiss bank etc as they have parked abt Rs 2000/- crores abroad but why r u opposing?? What is ur interest with scamsters and those amassing illegal money abroad?

For my academic interest I wud like to know ur profession and u wud without offense reply as u r greater then Baba as u can level any allegations on a person like him.

Alok Tholiya

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.)
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Tholiya Marketing and Leasing Pvt. Ltd.
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