Monday, June 6, 2011

Fwd: My response to Deora's on opposition to increase in rent.......Alok

Deora's are themselves tenants and working to keep huge office premises for mere Rs 200/- p.m.. If the landlord sells them the  building from that day they will become pro landlord and antitenant. Also their constituency consissts of tenants in large nos. So it is not sanity but vote bank that works.

Are theses tenants getting milk,water,tv cable/ DTH ,scool fees,bus,taxi,trains,petrol, vegetables,hospital bills etc @1950 rates? Has Deora opposed those increase???
Are advocates ,doctors,others charging them and me the poor landlord fees of 1950???
Why double standard??

Let him donate 1000Cr and pay rent on behalf of those who cant afford like poor get subsidies for educations / scholerships from charities/ govt but why crush shelter providers??Let us handover to our future generation a better place to live in.

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