Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alok replies to long suffering sr citizen Shri Mohan Siroya,

Alok replies to long suffering sr citizen Shri Mohan Siroya,

A trespasser kishan Singh Chohan backed by a Congress leader Suresh Thakur Who is a right hand of big time UP leader in Mumbai)  went to court in 1975 against my grand father who was a sr. citizen.Case never came up from dust (and Judges and advos syndicate) and my beloved Grandfather died in 1992. In 2001 I did not attend court as it was useless and case got dismissed.

I filed and co-owner and my mother a case in 2004 against a tenant. My mother and defendant no. were 1 was above 75 yrs of age. Both died in 2009 and case in still lying in court.
In 1989 a tenant who was a Sr. citizen filed a case against me in small causes court. They are continuously delaying the matter so in 21 years not even issues are framed. I filed expediting application on the ground that tenant and one of the landlord defendant is sr. citizen, Still for 7 years my application was not heard and order was not passed. Tenants advocate is Ad Amin Nathani who wields good authority.

The ombudsman of insurance, bank, consumer courts are all from same industry and serve their interest and not of consumers.

Therefore RTI,Lokpal bill and Baba Ramdev demands are very important for our rights.
--- In, mohan siroya <mohansiroya@...> wrote:
> Such a circular/Guideline is not new. As indicated here, earlier it was for the 65+ age and now it is for 60+ age.
> About 9- 10 years back ,I had asked for priority in one Civil and 2-3 criminal cases. But thereafter as pointed out by M P Vashi , it had become difficult to get any PRIORITY because, the number of Senior litigants are already more , besides a huge BACKLOG and lack of enough manpower for spiral in cases in all streams.
> Now even the Ombudsmen refuse to give  Priority to my cases, under the plea that "Majority of them are Seniors". Now who is going to monitor and how a complainant can verify ?
> Insurance Ombudsman for Medi-Claim ; is holding my case for last  7 months, telling IN Q. Now since the age has been fur   ther reduced to 60, it may worsen the Q.
> I doubt, even the solution ,which is most welcome, will work, as suggested by Mr. Vashi. That every month "A Full day" be earmarked for Seniors' cases only by all courts.At least that may give some relief.

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya

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