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Fw: Our expirience with TPA MD India Healthcare Services P.Ltd and United India Insurance co. ltd.

I wish they had done this before it became an issue.

Respected sir,


Apologies for the inconvenience & delay caused .

Your grievance has been noted & corrective action against the same will be taken


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Dr. Ranjana Jejurikar
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Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 3:53 PM

Subject: Our expirience with TPA MD India Healthcare Services P.Ltd and United India Insurance co. ltd.


Dear Sir,

RE: Policy no. 021200/48/08/97/00000343 Patient name : Mrs. Vimala P. Jain

RE: Our expirience with your TPA MD India Healthcare Services P.Ltd  and  United  India  Insurance co. ltd.

My mother in law who was traveling alone to Ajmer suddenly fell sick.She was rushed to a near by Mittal hospital in Ajmer itself. At the time of admission e.i. on 14th July itself the hospital was provided with her policy no. and Membership no. as given on Cashless card by United  India  Insurance co. ltd..The hospital applied to Insurance cos.  TPA M/s. MD India Healthcare Services P.Ltd for sanction to admit her under cashless.Instead of giving sanction the TPA asked for copy of policy of two years.Next day I procured the copy of these policies and personally went to Bandra/Mumbai office of TPA and met Ms. Voilet at 3..30 pm  there.I asked her to do the needful / forward the same to pune head office immediately.Thereafter whole evening and next day that is today we kept on following up with them but no sanction has reached to Hospital.Being traveler she was not carrying enough cash to settle the bill.She wanted to  borrow money from many relatives she has there but I advised against same as she has full right under cashless to be admitted and treated and discharged without paying and she is holding this policy for more then 10 years.And hospital is on approved list of United India.We are still struggling and following up with Dr. Supriya of MDindia on Tel. no. 18002334505 and she is still saying she is doing needful.While the patient and her relatives are waiting in hospital for settlement of bill and to take discharge.

Besides above even  her earlier claim has not been settled by the very same TPA for 4 months. They have never sent us any additional requirement in writing or by email. When we pick up an argument then they come up with newer requirements.

Pl. awnser :

  1. Is it the duty of policy holder to provide the copy of policy to your TPA?
  2. Normally how many hours/days / months or years should your co. /TPA take to sanction cashless admission?
  3. When even Rs. 100/- cinema tickets are available online then why your such big giant sized public sector insurance co. can not provide/ have  policy details online for your TPA?
  4. It was 20 years back Late Rajivji introduced computerization and boosted IT in our country? Do you wish to negate what he dreamed/ set for?
  5. Does your clients/ agents have to follow up for everything like beggers while you draw fat salary and perks and your influential TPA makes fortune but does not even keep sufficient phonelines?
  6. Are TPA's appointed after ensuring whether they have proper infrastructure to cope with load or are appointed because they are owned by who's who, top boss of govt. or insurance or are there som other considerations?


Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya
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