Monday, September 27, 2010

Re: An open letter to The Prime Minister by PPI and views of Alok

Nakkarkhane main tuti ki Avaz
Most common things cant be seen by even most intelligent. Common sense is most uncommon.
I dont expect any punishment to any one from bofors to CWG. For even being honest as far as possible I had to pay bribe on most occassion just to save myself from harrassment, Though if I lost bigger amount then I preffered not to pay and happily forgo refunds.
Corruption is deep rooted.
It is voters who r corrupt. They dont want to vote for honest, known hard working where as dishonest gets all the support from vested interests , communals, criminals. And they win. Finally we get rulers we deserve.
Elections r coming. Ruling party must be interested in 10000 cr. +.And LO! And they found  CWG as one avenue . Kalmadi  must be interested in floating his own party , wanting his own people in large nos in various positions. So to achieve all that he needs money. CWG is the awnser. Raj, Rane , Chagan, Pawar, Uma bharti etc etc floated their pwn party when they had 1000 cr +.
One invests in politics like others do in stock market. Then want to get fat return to become bigger shark, so we see all sharks.
The political system and citizens are to be blamed as election fray needs money money and money alone ( no competence, no eduaction, no honesty, no track records work).
We will continue to see such scams till we can change electioneering ? Who can bell the cat ?? All parties ( with chances to rule) are in deep corruption.They wont change system. May be another Sheshan, Supreme court or slavery is the awnswer. And as such in 12 to 25 yrs India will be slave of Islamic and Chinese nexus. That time u will not expect any thing and be a honest citizen.
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O) M:9324225699

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From: Professionals Party of India <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Mon, 27 September, 2010 12:55:28 PM
Subject: An open letter to The Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,


As per news reports, the extraordinary bungling and corruption in your government�s organizing of the Commonwealth Games has brought us nothing but shame and humiliation, after having squandered away our nation�s hard earned Rs 70,000 crores. 


What is more, there is serious concern about the widespread impression your government may have given, that your government�s ineptness represents the capabilities and competence of the people of India to manage a large project. 


Nothing could be further from the truth, and believe me, we will do everything in our power to correct this impression, because this false impression about our great nation will hurt us and our next generation too.


Let it be clearly understood that the systematic mismanagement of the prestigious games represents the dismal capability of the politicians in your government who you put in charge, and it does not at all reflect the capabilities of the people of India . 


India comprises people of very high caliber and competence.  India comprises of world renowned engineers, administrators and planners.  A large section of highly qualified Indians undertake projects of mammoth magnitudes in India and all over the world and are widely applauded for their successful completion, often ahead of schedule and within budgets.  Indians are at the forefront of global capabilities in every sphere of industry and project management.


It is clearly a severely flawed electoral system that allows characterless criminals, crooks and incompetents to get elected and then form a government of them to systematically splurge and squander national wealth without any accountability.


So what is the solution now?  The solution lies with you as the head of the government. 


You are widely considered a man of integrity.  To live up to that image, you must now publicly resolve and take severe action against all acts of corruption and bring back to the national exchequer every rupee of the Rs 70,000 crores that has been stolen away through corruption or mismanagement.  Thereafter, apply all the pressure your office can bring to bear on electoral reforms so that (i) criminals cannot contest elections, (ii) any kind of bribing of voters instantly disqualifies the candidate concerned, and (iii) the option of �None of the above� as per Rule 49(O) is prominently provided on the ballot during the next elections.


In conclusion may we reiterate, the scale of reported looting in organizing the Games virtually amounts to treason against the state.  This is something you may like to address to clear your government�s name in the long term.


Best wishes,



Professionals Party of India



September 27, 2010




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