Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fw: [MIFAC] Times of India the bias paper

There are bad politicians, police, journalists, teachers, govt. servants, yet we don't treat the whole lot with contempt but for landlords. Times of India have always found good people from all walks of life but from the breed of landlords. Are all landlords bad? Are all tenants good? Are there not landlords who are suffering or are there not tenants who have exploited tenanted premises, misused the same and yet not paid any rent?  Landlords are the ones who gave shelter to those who did not have one with clear understanding that same will be vacated in due course. But govt. enacted a different rent act made the eviction of tenant difficult even if they don't pay rent or commit nuisance. Judiciary is so bad and corrupt that if landlord approaches court then justice may not be done for 25 to 30 years.He will suffer more in courts and will keep spending on court clerks and advocates who dont attend matter attentively and just keep taking dates.

Today a hawker , a auto driver ,makes more money then a landlord. Everyone be it tuition teacher, doctor, advocate, builder or name anyone is exploiting system to fullest and minting money but landlord are the only ones who are loosing continuously for 50 years. When collages demand 20 lacs for a seat, when huge bribe is demanded by every govt. officer you come across then it has become routine and there is no hue and cry but for slightest provocation or wolf cry by tenant media is up in arms against landlords.

If there is one single honest reporter to cover the facts and sufferings of landlords and misuse and dadagiri of tenants then I welcome them to visit my 2 properties at Santacruz East and see our plight and sufferings.

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