Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finance bill of India

The finance bills are always the snakes in snake and ladder of our progress and economy........Alok Tholiya 


Firstly, there is never enough is enough by govt. & their officials. They will keep increasing taxes after taxes. The citizens will keep sleeping without raising a voice of discontent. Secondly, Govt. should note that we all citizens are already under the pressure of filing so many returns, filling so many forms, maintaining so many registers (legally you have to keep them for 14 years), attend several assessment dates, and welcome so many gate crashing nosy govt. officials not allowing you time to develop your business and increase your production and exports. And yet you (The P.M. and
F.M.) promise that they will take country forward.
Sir, what is a meaning of levying (via fancy looking names) education cess and surcharge or additional tax. If you are genuinely interested in spreading education or doing other work  then just declare out of 10% or 20% or 30% what ever the service tax  or other tax you want to charge the x% of collection will go to education fund or whatever other use. But what is a sense of making people do various calculations, show separate heads of collections and fill more and different columns in forms. The bills are probably made in a hurry as all customers are in a hurry to leave and similarly in spite of keeping surplus staff one is not able to finish his
other business load and on the top of it file returns with complicated calculations, follow up for assessment orders, in all this rigourmole one is supposed to make mistakes and there the officer starts the harassment and squeezes the parties. Where as the total tax evaders escape Scott free as they are not even registered. While I appreciate bringing in more services under service tax I strongly oppose increase in service tax to unreasonable heights. And further more I condemn and look down and hate the brains (which aims to increase pressure on the businessman / professionals who are already under lot of pressure and strain) who has introduced Education cess. Similarly all additional tax, surcharge etc. be merged to original heads or be withdrawn and load on enslaved (by finance ministry and various central, state and municipal tax depts.) Indians be minimized. The biggest reason of increase in diabetes, heart attack in Indians is due to ever changing, increasing and twisting ( like snake ) the taxes and budget.

 The more the twist the more the bribe. The lobby of chartered accountants and advocates  too  keep maintaining pressure on senior staff in finance ministry to  tighten the noose and complicate the taxation so that more white collared jobs, more forms , more audit, more assessments, more court cases  and thus more fee just the  same way more the more bribe to officers. There is no officer who is interested in patronizing any honest tax payer or honestly helping govt. to recover full dues but there motto is one and single which is how fast they build one seven star, resort, beer bar, buy farm houses, apartments, gold and jewelry worth fortune etc.etc. And the idiot (sorry to say but they too know their worth) parliamentarians and specially the F.M. leaves such onerous task on these corrupt shoulders. The same congress party increased excise and customs leaps and bound year after year then suddenly they realized that for better compliance and to give our country edge over other exporting countries taxes be reduced. Then why they are repeating the same sin and why others are tolerating? Rather govt.should try to recover from evaders and try to use every penny collected with responsibility instead of allowing Telgi and others to gulp the billions. Read the new service tax categories if you are interested in same........



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