Saturday, February 22, 2014

It is too early for shatranj ke khiladi Indians to wake to reality..........Alok

However  I know who I am. An honest , bitter , strict but yet open minded visionary statesman who many hate , many love many avoid ( specially who want buttering or are buttress ( mistress of society of lick foot of who's who). I am a independent free person , free and light like cool breeze with sting and do not need others to decide my acts as they are decided by my experience, vision, my conscientious and my god. I act and talk with responsibility and concern for future which most often are not easy for all to immediately understand and many will never understand. Today my biggest concern is population explosion specially of unregulated, extremist group specially when I know my folks are bred differently with ahinsa as basic teachings while world is heading towards talibanism. I know the answer is either with Sikhism or asking Israel to train youth of my country for their safety but today sleeping kumbhakarna ( ignorant Indian mass) does not know what is in offing ( Owaisism)  and will not listen to me.I am also concerned for well being of vast majority of those who unnecessarily get bad label/backlash ​due to sinister ambition, acts and beliefs of minuscule percentage of extremists.My concern is slow and corrupt judiciary which gives free hand to all sins in public life by politicians, bureaucrats, mafias in guise of businessman.My concern is crime against weak  be it person with lack of resources, women,old, sick by haves and powerful. My concern is also giving dignity to smallest person in society as one may have less income but he too contributes equally to our life, society and country. I may pay more to a doctor but a ward boy is equally important, respectable human being for me because he too contributes to patients  well being and recovery and comfort. He connects and removes various life saving equipment, he carries patients for various tests, he gives sponge and cleans all what is needed so patient does not catch infection, he looks after comfort of patient when he needs most while in pain and distress by lowering bed or vice versa, by massaging, by keeping pillow here or there as required, by rushing to call doctor in emergency and so on. But others forget his roll and keep firing him. And develop the thought .....bai, aaya, maid, peon, security guard, coolie, cabby,artisan, Jawan /soldier,kisan /farmer, carpenter,plumber  and all hoards of so called small people but who contribute lot to my life and I give them love and dignity while many give that to only cricketers, stars, billionaires , ministers,IAS, IRS, IPS  and so on who have thrived on blood of others. ......more some other day.......Alok Tholiya


  1. Sant Mathur
    6:00 AM (21 hours ago)
    to me
    It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness.
    What's the holistic policy/planning/programmes for population control?
    How could large number of youth of the country be involved in implementation of o fall that is desired? How could digital world/social media help in this noble venture?
    What are the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders?
    With more than 4 decades of public experience I could help you a bit, provided you yourself are quite clear in your mind as to what all is doable.
    S P Mathur IPS DGP (retd)
    BE MBA PhD
    (Till 5th March in USA for post-doctoral research work)

  2. Shashi Desai
    Feb 24 (1 day ago)
    to me
    my only concern was that it took three readings to understand your feelings . May be u like to
    receive this opinion positively. SIMPLE English will reach more readers.