Sunday, February 16, 2014

corruption for electioneering is as bad as for own family ......Alok

  • Alok Tholiya Even Rahul has no one. Iknow of old ailing beggers who ammased wealth and not even used it but they had mania of amassing. Jainism so forcefully teaches aprigraha but I still has to see one jain including me ( except Late B L Tholiya) who really follow aprigraha. Modiji u may not need for family but it seems u need for party as electioneering of ur type needs millions. So let us simplify electioneering and many sins/ reasons for corruption will disappear. Besides you are honest ( except funds raising for party but there r hardly any honest in BJP. See the condition of Mumbai ruled by BJP + SS combine for 30 years. My Mumbai is far behind any city of even other 3rd world country.If u start removing corrupt yedurappa , Gadkari and similar then we may develop some trust in BJP otherwise it is good leader with bad team. Risky proposition.

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