Friday, February 21, 2014

Congress purposly gave weak SIC so RTI is ineffective ..a

RTI is weak as SIC does not give decisions for years. Even if he gives yet PIO does not follow same. Rahul Gandhi said RTI 36 times in interview on Times Now. Can he assure that he will amend the RTI by making SIC bound to give orders in 30 days and that compulsorily gives punishment to defaulting mischievous PIO's.

We have weak and corrupt judiciary, weak and corrupt RTI, weak and corrupt lokpal , weak and corrupt CBI , weak and corrupt vigilance agencies, corrupt Public prosecutors ( like is Mumbai sessions court ) then how can Rahul boast of doing any thing good as all their systems are eye wash, window dressing. AAM ADMI suffers and those who can manage things become billionaire over night.

Demand that SIC must pass order in 30 days to make RTI effective. ........Alok 

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