Monday, April 29, 2013

Simple things r difficult to those who r not simple at heart

When I complained about newer charges levied on surprise basis by banks my bank replied that: Having reviewed the email v r unable to understand your complaint:

Simple things r difficult to those who r not simple at heart. Crooked minds and hearts only know to use their power and authority to exploit and suck blood of others. 

If I was in place of present M.D. : 

1. I would evaluate whether I really need extra profits.
2. Why I need extra profits.
3. Who are going to be benefitted with this additional income? 
3. Who are going to be affected by newer and newer charges? 
4. Then I will consult those getting affected. Then reevaluate. 
5. If there r no justification then no new charges will be levied by me  and atleast not unilaterally and secretly. 
6. If my heart and soul are convinced to levy newer charges then I will educate the parties getting affected, convince them and as far as derive consensus by statistical reasoning. 
7. Finally I will obtain the affected parties written consent to new charges. 

 But present days bankers, various service providers ( cable, DTH,telephone,electricity, taxi, milk, hospitals, colleges etc) are white collar dacoits they don't brandish guns and do not live in chambal but use RBI, IRDA,DOT, electricity board, finance ministry, transport ministry and loot us and live in 5 star comforts of AC cabins and palatial apartments while we poor citizens struggle and sweat to pay these goons. 
Shame on parliament, courts,media  and so called intellectuals keep silence while common men suffer. 
Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

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