Friday, April 24, 2015

My todays FB posts:

My todays FB posts:

sachin, U hv received so much from government which is tax payers money or land, u hv received so much of applauds ( and u hv deserved same) but hv u in turn given anything to the citizens of India? Cricket was ur passion and profession and u only earned thru it but hv u contributed to nation ?????

if hotel can't serve potable water then how can u have their salad etc which r unboiled and may carry germs.

To, Katju ji :
Muslims produce more children then they can manage, give sanskar, give education and so on. Finally few of them take wrong path, combined with wrong training and brainwashing some choose to become terrorists. If muslims choose to have only two child and care and love and educate them then this crime record will go down. If u wish and really want to go in facts then I willing to join in for a true research on this.
Rather police takes bribe and lets off so many criminals including Muslim and therefore the figure is lower then crime by them.
However Police and Judicial Reforms are must as present police and judiciary are soft on criminals and therefore small timers become big criminals like Dawood, haji, Bukhari, Gavli, Chota, Thakur, Kalani and so on.

to, Rajesh Lane for this poster....
Alok Tholiya Dear Rajesh bhai, Ur poster tells it all. I hv met so many of rich and mighty, senior executives and professional whose parents were poor, small timer, labourer, hawker . Even today their one of the siblings are not so successful. They must have seen how their poor parents were struggling, humiliated, rudely behaved, lived in shortages and so on but today since they are successful they ill treat the not so successful but lick boots of celebrities, commissioners, collectors, ministers, filmies and so on. rather they must give courteous treatment, create facilities for under privileged, train staff to be nice to smallest men, poor, child, old, pregnant women with smile and priority. I have been nice to so many from the days they were nothing, have helped some of them on various occasions and so on but today when I am not cash rich suddenly their behaviour has changed. They try to pull me down for no reason and worst is even before children and spouse which hurts deeply. Where as they become meek before a cash rich ( even if sources r not known or are unethical) . I go between friends, samaj, relatives party etc etc for a change, for a better memorable time, for coming out of pressures of life, pressures of handling bad tenants / delaying courts and harassing municipal corporation/ govt. officials but their too if instead of affection and dignity at times some superiority complexed mean minded person tries to pull me down for no rime or reason. I say you may surrender before a VIP it is OK but do not hurt, maltreat, delay, harass, humiliate and so on a weak, old, poor, less rich, or one whose does not have a relative as a VIP. But there r always going to be such mean around and at times even in family ( many men have confessed that wife or children too insult as neighbour or relative has reached heights). So your poster tells it all. And that is a consolation. one dares to write personal and bitter truth except ........Alok........I had an option to be curt and silent but for all aam admi I am raising this bitter but factual experience in detail.

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