Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alok on FB today

Traffic police like most others are corrupt. But they slog in rain, sun ,pollution and so on. If at one junction there is no traffic cop then there happen jam quickly. Talk of BMC which has trillions of rupees as funds but none of their department works and every one in BMC harass u for bribe.

As a hindu v insult those visit our temples, we insult dalits, poor and so on and then cry wolf? Shocking. Our actions are confused.

Alok on शिवसेना के विरोध के कारण पाकिस्तानी सिंगर का शो रहित: He was a singer and not terrorist. U should celebrate if SS throws out terrorist. Let there b cultural exchange with all and anyone world wide. The genuinely disturbing issues are sidelined by such gimmickry.

Every industry needs maintenance, repairs or upgradations. But if they suddenly stop service then person not knowing what is wrong will run helter skelter. I thank Hathway for giving sms that their services will be disrupted during a particular hours. If they had not informed then first we struggle with our gadgets like PC and router etc for hours then conclude that something is wrong at their end and then start lodging complaint. All that is saved. Thanks to Hathway for such update by sms.

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