Monday, April 7, 2014

Innocent are crying and suffering with no one to help in India police , media, PP and judges hv a syndicate....

If small fry were timely punished like Haji Mastan, Dawood etc then we would have not seen mayhem of Mumbai serial bomb blasts, so many kidnapping for ransom, riots and so on. If corrupt were punished then instead of India suffering India cud hv been developed, if consumer courts were honest, if banking and insurance ombudsman, MACT were honest and rapid then consumers would not be cheated as much as they r today. And so on. Today  law breakers, cheque bouncers, illegal businessman, mafia, land grabbers, illegal miners, blackmailers and all such elements ( judges, PP, Police, criminal advocates )are thriving and honest common men, weak, poor, women, old, consumer, those whose cheques are bounced, whose property is gulped by tenants, trespassers are crying and suffering with no one to help.

Exception proves the law.

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