Friday, April 11, 2014

All strict rules and punishments are for citizens and slack, slow mischievous officers are free to be lethargic / red tape

All strict rules  and punishments are for citizens and slack, slow mischievous officers are free to be lethargic / red tape.
Most govt. depts. specially Municipal corporation of Mumbai ( ruled for 30 yrs by SS and BJP) do not reply to our letters. if they hv to then send letter without any tel no, without email id, without name of a sender and just bears a signature.

They never update their site. If they give email id then same bounces. They hv no courtesy. hardly they will offer a chair/ water or help.

But see how many restrictions they impose on citizens and want everything in a jiffy or the penalty starts. Same bureaucrats if do not do their duty for decades, if courts do not clear cases for decades then there is no penalty but of course citizens will be punished. This is a state of affair  in Cong ( center) BJP Raj ( BMC).

So vote for AAP who will reverse the trend and AAM Admi will get hearing, replies , decisions and all that in time or officers will be punished . See below the new set of rules for LTD and PVT LTD co.s and not for Registrar of Cos , IT, ST, BMC, Mantralaya , police, court and so on.

In the latest from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, 183 new Sections of the Companies Act 2013 have been notified to take effect from April 1, 2014.

As per Section 12 of the Act notified from 1st April, 2014, every company is mandatorily required to mention its Corporate Identification Number (CIN) along with the name and address of registered office on letterheads, invoices, notices and on all official correspondence and publications. Additionally, contact details, email and website address, if any, must be incorporated in such documents mentioned from April 1, 2014.

In case of any failure to quote the CIN number, penalty of Rs 1,000 per day shall be imposed on the defaulting company and on every officer in default for every day during which the default continues. However, maximum penalty imposable shall not exceed Rs 100,000.

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