Monday, August 19, 2013

To, Shri Anil Ambani .....put systems and PR ship in place and let no customer run about

> The M.D.,
> Reliance Mobile,

> Mumbai.
> 1, Sub: Service to my Reliance mobile no. 9324225699  is withdrawn and then I am being asked to run pillar to
> post. Shocking but true that Reliance  acts like municipal office.

>  I hv regularly paid all my dues for over 10 years still since morning I find my connection
> not working. I called up reliance mobile customer care they are unable to
> help and advise me to go to web world. I hv no time for that.
> When I hv paid I expect my service providers to run but rather they make me
> run. I refuse. Don't act like govt though u may hv pocketed govt.
> Give me service or advise me to go for portability by admitting that u live
> in stone age where people still walk instead of using net and phone.
> Rather before disconnecting my service they should have sent me a polite email
> letter and then notice which they hv not done.
> 2. Today Vodafone sent me greetings for having completed with them 4 years.
> I am with reliance mobile since day one. forget any greeting ever. But for a
> decade old customer they hv no courtesy or special help desk no. After lot
> of insistence the call center gave one no. 18602002011 of one Pankaj Sotha
> which never got connected. Shocking are ways of Reliance mobile.

> Thanks and Regards,
> Alok Tholiya,
> 9324225699

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