Thursday, August 22, 2013

My experience with Samsung Galaxy Grand :

My experience with Samsung Galaxy Grand : 

I had taken Samsung Galaxy Grand for 20K in May 2013. The handset used to hang frequently. Today I sent same to santacruz West , Mumbai Service center at Hilife Mall. My man had to wait there for 3 hrs. Then they retained the mobile for 2 days saying come tomorrow evening. They did not bother to call on me and advise / update me for reasons of taking so long. I asked my man to ask them to call me. They refused. My man persisted . Then the man from Samsung service center took the phone and rudely replied that we have lot of load and hanged the phone.

I called up again and asked for mob no or email id of Service Manager and others of Samsung. They refused to give any info. As if they are mafias and in hiding and only accessible to Amir Khan.

My question to CEO Samsung are:1. When they can give Amir Khan Rs 33 crores for publicity each year can they and their service centers do not keep courteous PRO's? 2. What should new mobile have so many probs so that it can not be returned same day? 3. Why customers can not be called by appointment and instead are made to wait for hours. 4 . Why stand by phone was not offered. 5. Why there is no board at service centers giving some tips, guidelines, terms, tel nos of seniors ? 6. Why service centers are allowed to fleece and harass customers and company officials do not want to attend loyal customers and instead live in hiding? 7. Your one of service franchisee informed that Grand has too many problems and we have to keep same in observation as many handsets of Galaxy range are coming back with chip or PCB level problems. 9. Why can't you allow download of software online by customers directly?

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