Sunday, August 19, 2012

reply to some who objected to my mails

Dear All,

Pl. note that years back this group was made with following objective: Life is made up of Mind, body, spirit( Soul) ,relationship and commerce.Any imbalance disturbs the whole life.U can share,ask,provide,seek more and more info on psychology,sexology,spiritualism,security,health and attractive business announcements.U may also ask me or to all members in general on above issues.

If you dont like any of above subjects / matters then you are requested to switch over to any other group of your choice. You can simply unsubscribe or can write to me to remove your id.

If u think group is drifting away from topics given above ( and on group home page) then too you can bring that to my knowledge.

All other topics / words / subject above are self explanetary escept two as follows which I will try to dvelve upon here:

Sexology : Is a pure science and subject which must be incorporated in schools. In sexology there are never a use of any cheap or dirty pictures/ language or stories. Sexology is purely for the purpose of helping those who are legally wedded and need help, guidence,need to remove myths and misconceptions.It is also our motto to help them who are due to reasons of bad habits/ bad lifestyle / or very often due to reasons beyond their control are affected on front of legitimate physical relationsship.

There are millions of dirty sites,books, videos,magazines availble before asking but for some sick minds those are not offending but these scientic writings are. May god help them. I have nothing to say except to advise that if menow group is offending to them then do not spoil your blood pressure and just unsubscribe.

Security: Security is first and foremost for everyone. If security is not then leave your house, locker, car, child, female member open for all. Do we ??? No! We keep them securedly. Similarly we have to secure ourselves from thugs and cheats, from traitors and terrorists, from cyber criminals and so on.

We love and respect all religion, people of all race, all lanuages and most of them are nice and loveable. but as always happens in some groups / communities we will find that there are more criminals, more terrorists more misguidede youth. It is a endevour of group to warn about such nasty people. If such people / group happen from a particular community then it can not happen that we fail to identify them. And if we identify them then some cheap minds will call us communal. rather they have to rise to the occassion and call a sinister a sinister and tell them that because of their misdeeds others are also earning bad name. But many want wrong doers be not called wrong doers and specially when there r wrong doers than they become / vow to become violent . issue threats of killing etc..But what else can you expect from a blood thirsty person??? So edhar kuva and udher khai. If u call a law breakers so a terrorists so then you will be on their hitlist but even if you dont raise alarm the threat still exisits and they will attack one day. So as per the theme of our group we try to update on chances of lawbreakers taking over you. If you dont like such warniongs then you are requested to leave the group and join any group of your choice.

Now there was a very threatening mail today ( I have not circulated same). With the language and tone it is from a group like Al kayda or so though it was from a fictitious id and name. So you can't help it.Such people will one day take over every communications chanell and control them and if they dont like anyone then same will be eliminated. They are all watching. They are all around us. But then ???? I can just say so what??? If allah has decided my life is to be taken away by a terrorist then be it, you and me can't change but with that fear you can't blind life game, you can't be fool like a pigeon who shuts eyes on seeing a imminent threat to life and thinks all's well. You have to act and awaken others too.

Politics: We do not represent any party. We dont need to. But some people make some interesting / investigative writings/ jokes / aninmation and we are too happy to circulate if that is truth and with language which is acceptable. It so happens that always rulers get most of the bickring/ brickbats.So most mails comes targetting them.If congress is ruling, if biggest scams are in their rule then it is targetted nd rightly so. Will those party which have one or two MP's will be targetted??

And if you think you want to rightly target some other party too then do make such mails which are factual and interesting. I do not have preferance or bias towardsidents not invite such mails. What comes as popular sentiments , comes. It is better way to resent then what we saw recently in VT and Pune, what we see some saffronists or similar groups take to at times.

And finally, I am an Indian and from a particular community. Like all other people be Pakistani, Bangla deshi,palestanian and so on have right to worry about their own people then I too have same for my people. And if one has such bad language to condemen me for mails on MENOW then have they with equal force spoken against incidents of violence on smallest opportunity done??? If my mails are offending ( sexology related) then have those intellectuals equally criticiesd the molestation of women police? But some people of great origin raping and molesting is no crime ( see what happened when Iraq attacked Iran) but scientific info is, to many mails with facts are communal but braking of Budha murti at Afganistan, demolising Jain temple at kashmir, entering Swaminarayan mandir with guns is community unity and friendship gesture!!!!!!!!

I requets all to make proportionate comments. Firts denounce very severe crime then condemn these mails if at all you think they are condemnable. But no! Dictatorial people can not see rasona nd like mad elephant will just crush anthing coming on way.

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