Friday, August 24, 2012

M D India, United India and its officers

So Far: I had gone for a health check up. I submitted bill of Ambani Hosp. MD India asked for health report. It is not claim against sickness or treatment but is as per policy offer a check up. Yet  am willing to give them photocopies. As per their mail any gazzettet officer or officer in Insurance company can certify the photocopies. I snet same for certification but officers of UIIC and MD India themselves refused t cerify as well as refuse to accept certified papers which their own circular allows.

 Pl. note that as per your advise I had sent photocpoies of medical reports for certifying to officers of UIIC of D O 12. They refused to certify same inspite of orginal being sent with photocopies. The regional manager even refused to see my man. 

Then we sent my man to M D india marinelines office. Their one lady ( susequently we found her name to be Nilopher) very rudly refuse to allow my man to see some higher up to get the duplicats certified. She refused to talk to me on mobile inspite of request of my man. She refused to give her no. so Icall her. Somehow my man gate crashed to cabin of Mr Niel desouza. Who talked to me nicely but refused to certify duplicates and so also refused to accept certified documents. He insisited that we accept only original.
My issues are :

1. If a lady Nilopher is working in a cororate tn what is it that she is hiding her identity. Rather everyone must have a name boards on their desk with tel. no. Every gentlemen / lady if not in immoral and illegal activity happily give their identity and give and take visiting cards. If Nilopher is on some secret mission then she must sit in some cave and must not come in contact of official visitor. Today when Amitabh Bacchan to all who's who are on face book, twitter , when email id of PM, CM, to everyone is available then what is it she is hiding from. Pl. advise her to go and live in a village in a parda if she doses not have a or does not want to show her identity to visiting official guest.
2. Niel desouza: He gave his visiting card but promptly collected it back Shocking. Only mafias, drugpeddlers, scamsters etc hide their identity. I am surprised people write big things on net but give alse identity. If they are so gutless better donot come on net. If I am writing against even police commissioner, Judge or anyone I reveal my true identity. I know there are spineless but what are they doing in a corporate MD India and UIIC?
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3. I want clear policy and guideline as to who can certify from insurance industry the claim health reports?

4. What is a clear policy about accepting certifyied duplicates and why officials of UIIC and MD India do not know abt it?

NB: Anyone can throw light on my issues and how to tackle same. I do not want these ppl to just take ride of commonman and someone must fight. I am Anna!

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya,

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    It was nice to hear from you as no one else from UIIC or MD India has
    bothered to respond. However IRDA too had responded and I thank them.
    You wanted the policy no. which is as follows: 021200/48/11/97/00005426

    Hope you have advised DO 12 , other UIIC officers and MD india that they
    can verify the original health check papers and certify the duplicates and
    finally accept them.

    Everone criticises politicians for their rudeness, inefficiency, non
    courtesy, non responding to suufferings of commonmen but this is one
    example that most of us do the worst then that and luckily they are not at
    the helms of affair of India then they would have been yet more rude, won't
    attend commonmen, wont reply to their queries, delay etc etc..
    Thanks and Regards,
    Alok Tholiya,