Sunday, June 12, 2011

I have faced such mud slinging by vested interests so I can give fitting reply on behalf of Baba Ramdev...Alok

I am ashamed of Baba Ramdev.says Celine ....and my relpy ....Alok

Those with blood in vains of slavery of 1000 yrs, those with vested interest who have unleashed propaganda against Baba and those who fear what does not exists nd r comfortable in present lawless state may not read. ...Alok

I Celine Suresh state that our international image is spoilt because of people like Baba
Ramdev. It is was just when our country was gaining a strong foothold in all fields... that
people like the Baba have to spoilt it.
I further state that I was /am very proud of our imagge abroad as :
  1. naked women and men line up in the morning nr highway and railway line for attending morning calls.
  2. That many children in India die due to malnutrition/ under nourishment
  3. That everyday a senior citizen is attacked
  4. that innocent girls are raped daily somewhere or other often in hospitals, schools,police stations, place of politician
  5. that many women everyday are beaten up by wife beaters and yet they are made hero of by their friends and relatives
  6. that bride and her side has to bown down in the feet of groom , please them at any cost, give them what they want or ..... get their daughter beaten,killed,separated,humiliated,insulted
  7. that lovely young couple who fall in love are killed by family and media calls it honour killing and not mad killing
  8. that 75 % population are either not getting water or getting non potable water
  9. that you have to bribe for for laying pyre, then for getting death certificate, then for getting probate, then getting names changed in property , licences of beloved decesed instead of getting sympathies at such times . And if they can take ur blood out ( for making Celine proud of India 's image) on death of family members then u can imagine what harrassment is caused to Indians on seeking various other permissions, licences, NOC.s, connections etc etc..
  10. that every year many buildings fall and life and property are lost
  11. that we have our govt hospitals, schools, gardens, roads , footpaths, other estabilishment in pathetic condition and that makes me the Celine Suresh a happy abt our image abroad.
  12. that child labour, gender discrimation, suicides by farmers , poor, down trodden all that gives me sukun/ kick of pride and I feel proud of my nation abroad which Baba Ramdev is tarnishing.
  13. That even today harijan are insulted, not allowed to enter temples ( even if come bathed, clean, healthy ) , punished for wearing shoes in so called mad superiors lane but I celine am proud of the condition of backwards, adivasies, poor.
  14. And ofcourse I am proud of Bofors, Adarsh, 2 G, Raja, kani, Shahrukh, sachin, MF husain etc who only minted money for self.
  15. I am also proud of big frauds, big miracle man , fraud Babas ( who openly advertise on media and dupe ) , astrologers who mislead and defraud innocents and exploit others, who indulge in shame less acts but ofcourse I am against Baba ramdev who teaches yoga and people willingly pay their fees to him , and or donate to him.
  16. I am against Baba Ramdev as he has some money . But I dont want to know how much satya Sai Baba had, how much Pope of Rome has, how much Aga Khan has, how much respected saydena has ( but atleast made one good hospital in Mumbai), how much goes in coffers of Tirupati,Mahalxmi, Sidhivinayak , shirdi and how much is misused.
  17. I am against those 4 ministers who received Baba Ramdev at Airport. Though I am not against top bureacrat and VIP who visited Satya sai baba the miracle man, and babas like him, who attand marriages and darbar of Dawood and other mafias, top police dancing in mafias party, I have great respect for all those filmies and others who paid their respect and paid alms to Dubai mafia and feel proud for them as they get national awards, free plots, free FSI and suck blood of poor.
  18. I the Celine Suresh am greatly satisfied and feel proud that our govt spends millions every month to protect Kasab, other underworld kings, politician, film stars , those who spread communal voilence ( communal leaders) , those who blackmailed our city elites for two decades and same govt did brutal canning and fired tear gas shells on innocent peaceful sleeping women, children , senior citizens and even sadhus in the name of threat on Baba's life ( actually threat on money stocked abroad) .. Cant go on as jo samjhata hai woh samjhta hai or jo falsehood ke nashe mein dhutt hai use kya samjega??
  19. I am not concerned when Indiraji was arrested and her folks went on rampage, I am not concerned how many sikhs died when Indiraji was assasinated not because of mob anger but because of inciting by congress leaders,I am not concerned when on communal demands rail roko andolan ( recently by a group of Rajasthan communal forces) made whole rail traffic go hay where for days, buses burnt,and so also I am proud of Kashmiri, Khalistani, Nagalandy, maoists, naxal and other voilent moments ( who killed thousands innocenets even Vaishno devi pilgrims) but I am against Baba Ramdev and his folks for not adopting such menas adopted by others,
  20. I am proud of Indian Judiciary which only takes 30 yrs to deliver, and that there r only few ( 3 cr+) cases lying in court which will be take just 300 yrs to get cleared.

    merely typed by Alok on the instructions of spirit of celine and alike who visited me and dictated above.

    Alok Tholiya

Yes one bad incidence in life where this same govt machinary and those criminals protected by them teach u a lesson. Then sab kuch samjhega. Till then Bye..
Request to Baba Ramdev : Make a documentry of various issues raised, incidents narrated by me above and compare with ur peaceful andolan and yet how brutaly it was crushed. ..Alok

Read What Celine/ Seline Suresh wrote:;
Baba Ramdev

Posted by: "celine suresh"

Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:18 am (PDT)
Hi all,
All i would like to say is
that our international image is spoilt because of people like Baba
Ramdev. It
is was just when our country was gaining a strong foothold in all fields...
people like the Baba have to spoilt it.
People like the Baba who
have perfected yoga to such an extent would never die from
their fasting.
What was the need for an a/c tent etc...
It should have been the
industrialists of India to take up issues with our Government
that matter
most to our country... or our own people having a peaceful demonstrations
over the country to highlight such issues.

The question of black
money being stacked in Swiss Bank has been going on for ages...
certainly our
country will benefit a lot if this money was to come back. Our cities
villages could be developed on a better scale.. hence migration to our
main cities for
a livelihood would stop.
Right now, all the Indian
expats out here feel that their taxes in India go into the pot holes
Mumbai streets, Kasab briyani, free slum housing for people who do not deserve
the shit on the streets of mumbai,

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