Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't earn bad karma's my adviose to rich IITians........Alok

My reply to BX Ghosh and all others blessed by almighty but request to not to block supplies of poor...Alok

dear All,
Namaskar. Pl. pl. pl. understand that there r millions of children / youth in my country called India (enslaved by politicians and bureaucrats for last 60 yrs) who dont get food, water, shelter. They die of undernourishment. If u have a spoilt toy to be thrown in bin then pl. send me and i have millions of toddlers who have never seen them and wud like to get one old and see smile on their face. If u have a pair of sleepers to be thrown then pl. send me as here in my city and around in Adivasi areas there r millions walking barefoot in 50 degree temperature, or walking on rough surfaces and so on....

I am not surprised by people commenting these way that our youth want the latest and best yes cause u have seen only ur youth brought up in that environment. But India exists elsewhere too.

I welcome to move to introduce the cheap comp for that segment of my brother and sisters. There r some who will get exposure to some technology and dont try to deprive them. My only concern as alwys is
1. Whether ordered and quantity paid for will be delivered?
2.Whether it will be really reaching the needy or will be sold in black?
3. whether officers in charge will harass / delay/ make them wait for months and then ask for bribe to release the same. etc etc ..

But there r definitely millions who need them and atleast few will get them.

I wud appeal to u all blessed if u have usable old clothes, household items, footwear, books, toys,pc etc etc instead of throwing or giving it scrap merchant donate to poor / adivasies etc.. If u cant find such orgs and if convenient then send me those items ( in usable/ clean conditions) and I will distribute nr Virar adivasi backward areas and send you photo of same.

And for havens sake do ur best for ur children as u can but do not enter bad karma by blocking the supplies of por / have nots. Rather encourge, and if means permit take chrge of such distribution so it is not misused by officers.

Alok Tholiya

--- In, Satish Jha wrote:
> For those who care: not a single Android PDA is priced below $499. The
> average price of what is in demand is about $699 plus taxes and essential
> accessories.. These devices are for communication and consumption. Not for
> learning.
> Incidentally, while India can boast of $700 cell phone connections, the US
> students are on to the PDAs. Cell phones don't have a market anymore. In
> India, PDA market may not be larger than 1 million a year against $200
> million cell phones lines added last year. (someone may bring precision to
> the data here). In the US market, PDAs are more than half the market..
> Effectively leaving the gap where it has been in the case of toilets or
> drinking water or sanitation or calorie intake or whatever criteria one may
> adopt.. give or take some, the story is similar..
> But it does not have to be. All it requires it a simple thought.. where are
> we headed.. what will get us there.. rather than we cannot do this or we
> cannot do that..
> These devices are not going to be sold for $49 just yet.
> I will give one example:
> I purchased an AT&T cell phone in NY in 1994 for $800
> Then in India in 1996: $800
> Another Nokia 9000 in 1998: $800
> Blackberry: 2004: $800
> iPhone 2006: $800
> Blackberry: 2008: $800
> Blackberry: 2010: $800
> Android: HTC AT&T: $699++: abt $800
> iPhone 2011: $699 ++ abt $800
> Not counting the change, its about the same price.
> Its similar curve for the laptop, around $2000 for a comparable laptop -
> 1988 onwards..
> In nominal terms, prices have remained about the same while capabilities of
> these instruments continues to improve and so does our need.
> Anything that does not offer value for nothing is too expensive. Anything
> that offers value for whatever price one pays is cheap.
> On Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 10:12 PM, Satyajit Roy wrote:
> >
> >
> > $49 Tablet based on Android should be compatible with Apps being created in
> > the Google App Store.
> > They do not yet have the large base as the Ipad today, as it started later,
> > but as Android devices become more popular worldwide, apps will become
> > available on both devices. IMHO, just as Windows beat Apple, due to its
> > closed nature and cost, android devices is the way of the global future :)
> >
> > ------------------------------
> > To:
> > From: bxghosh@...
> > Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 09:59:31 +0530
> > Subject: Re: IIT Global Discussion Group Govt to begin field trial of
> > low-cost computer soon: Cost Rs 4772+ Rs 1500= Rs 6272 per browser tablet
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > If Mr. Kannan is reading this, can you please spell out the specifications
> > of the $35 (now $49+) tablet (laptop?), just to prove Mr. Jha wrong? If you
> > can't, then we will have to assume that Mr. Jha is right and Mr. Sinha and
> > his team is taking the HRD minister and the country for a ride.
> >
> > I have a simple question. Will this tablet of yours be better than the
> > ipad2, or the plethora of tablets coming out in the market in terms of
> > hardware capability and software support (and portability)? I would
> > appreciate an unequivocal YES or NO answer (with of course the specs backing
> > it).
> >
> > If it is not, then why is the nation spending so much money behind it?
> > Todays youth has no patience for technology which is two years old (let
> > alone 10 or 20 that your device seems to be) with curtailed or limited power
> > and utility. They will reject your offering like so much junk!
> >
> > You would have done much better to use the Government's bargaining power to
> > buy an already established tablet at a substantial discount!
> >
> > Cheers!
> >

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