Sunday, April 10, 2011

why should public money and national awards be distributed to cricketers/ film stars etc ....Alok‏

It is shameless and shocking to pay such huge amts, give awards or give such publicity to any one and last to players and filmis/What have they done for commonmen, downtrodden,patients,poor, sufferers,undernourished children,farmers committing suicide,illiteracy,national development. rather they have wasted electricity which is scares, they are the reasons of trillions of man hour lost, spoiling of education of students and spreading menace of gambling,betting, promoting a life style products which cant be afforded by 90% of Indians who r suffering at the hands of politicians and bureacrtas.Like we have chosen a vocation they have chosen cricket or film as a vocation and that's it. If u need any entertainment of that sort go buy a tkt and enjoy but for havens sake do not make them heros/ leaders/sought after ( only mad do it and they r available in lots)and last which they deserve is any award except their own filmi or sports award but not at all a national award which can only be given to one who does sacrifice tan ,man dhan for nation or does something for commonman.It is shame that people forget great people like Vinoba Bhave who did so much for landless labourers and want land / FSI grabbers Shahrukh,Sachin, Amitabha to get Bharat Ratna.
We forget those who built charitable schools,hospitals,various institutions which has helped us day in and day out, those who worked for cancer, HIV, handicapped,sr citizens etc etc and we want sachin to get an award??? What namak harami.We forget those who did so much for us, for community and nation at large and want to reward those playing for self.Let sachin do something for commonman and then we will see whether he desrves and Ratna?? Alok Tholiya

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