Friday, April 30, 2010

Re: Protest March On 15th May......Thanks to BRSP for first good step....Alok

Instead of giving equal opportunity to all for job and education and removing division they r keeping alive division by quota.They shud also encourage inter cast/ inter state/inter language marriages to unite the country but no one is bothered.
family planning is important. No one wants to raise the issue.
Inflation and shortages r order of the day which we have seen in all Congress raj in 60 yrs.
Sick, dead slow, limping judiciary does not give judgement in decades. Who cares?
The most corrupt is all municipal and local civic bodies.Most central govt depts are IT savvy, reply,have web sites, respect RTI but municipal corporation r backward, anti citizens,only distribute high salary, have highest corruption and condition of roads,schools,hospitals, gardens,sewage, hygine, cleanliness are pathetic. Malaria infectious diseses keep spreading due to civic bodies in action. Unauthorised constructions, encroaching govt land r all because of municipal officers and corporators.
But raises voice?
Thanks to BRSP for first good step. But many more in aboveissues will have to be done.

Thanks and Regards,
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From: Ramesh Gupta <>
Sent: Fri, 30 April, 2010 3:45:52 PM
Subject: Protest March On 15th May

Dear BRSP Members,
There are no two opinions that skyrocket ting prices of essential commodities are breaking the back of common man in our beloved country. On the other hand influential people in and outside of the Government  are  stealing India's wealth and depositing in foreign banks. IPL fiasco is just another glaring  example of role of black money
Political parties are racing to appeasing minorities in introducing new quotas(Reservation) under one pretext or the other contrary to the interests of the country .
In the last couple of meetings we had with the State Presidents/Conveners and the life members, every one was of the opinion that it was about time  BRSP should do some thing to raise its voice against the Government's apathy towards price rise and force the government to approach the Swiss authorities to declare the names of the depositors and bring back all the money  deposited there back to India. Stern action should be taken against such anti-people, anti national elements.
Similar sentiments were expressed by you all when our office contacted you. 
Keeping in view the sentiments of the members of BRSP,  we have decided to hold a PROTEST  MARCH  at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on  Saturday, 15 May, 2010 at
You are all requested to please start making preparations and bring with you as many people as you can to make our first protest march a memorable one. It is the responsibility of each and every member especially State Presidents/Conveners  to ensure good turn out from their respective state.
We all need to prepare play cards, banners etc. to make this protest a serious as well as colorful one.
The slogans and detailed agenda will be emailed to you soon.
Vivek Kohli

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