Thursday, March 26, 2015

Charges, tariff, fees and permits linked to bribe keep rising but the rent to old buildings landlord

Is any Shreya Singhal  born who can  take up these issues:

Charges, tariff, fees and permits linked to bribe keep rising but the rent to old buildings landlord

Yesterday we went for PUC ( Pollution under control testing) of my car. The person sitting in  mobile van did not even get down, did not connect testing machine and gave the certificate.

RTO authority gives PUC testing permit for a huge bribe or most  of the agents are from RTO officers family.

The PUC was Rs 30 or less when introduced but today it is Rs 100/- per car. They earn over a 1 lac to 1.5 lac per month easily.

So any scheme started to improve quality of life, save nature, protect children, women, old, sick, poor and so on only becomes tool for bureaucrats to make money. And yet fools demand for more stringent laws and heavier fine. Which only means that you empower satan to loot you more and make you their slave.

The taxi, auto unions too bribe in lacs to get their fare revised upward drastically. For car parking allotment, towing van permit , toll collecting agency the bribe is in lacs. And u find that toll, parking charges, towing charges etc keep going up unreasonably and the bribe too keeps going up for getting these permit/ agency.

On the other hand since bureaucrats, judiciary, politicians can not make any money from landlords of old building so they do not allow increase of rent. So even today landlords of old buildings get Rs 30/- per room per month and one of my tenant says I drink liquor worth rs 15000/- per month. But he still does not pay rs 120 for 4 rooms as he know to recover that thru court I will have to pay lacs to advocate fees and will have to suffer in courts for decades.

while there is a board to allow revision of power tariff, for metro fare and so on but there is no such board for revising rent as reliance can bribe but landlords can not.

Govt staff can demand appointment of pay commission for increase in wages for can go on strike, even doctors can go on strike and let the patients die but landlords have no such ways and means.

If u do not pay for credit card, telephone, power, water etc then ur services are instantly blocked. If u do not pay for school fees, hospital bills etc then u r thrown out but landlord can not do any thing like that even if you do illegal activities, misuse, harass, do nuisance, do not pay as only remedy to you is go thru a court which your 3 generations will have to visit and even then there is no guarantee that you will get justice.

Alok and only alok raises these issues for general benefit and justice to weak and unorganised class........

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