Sunday, July 13, 2014

China can dump and quality product with any type of pin.....must read as u face daily hassle

Plugs and multi plugs and universal plugs and flat pin and round pin and so on.......Eastern countries have one standard, western have another known as CE ( . That means even smaller countries have created standards for electrical / electronic appliances. That India though gigantic but ruled by Idiots and citizens callous have no standard. So anyone specially China can dump and quality and u buy and then cry. Even we don't have simple standard for 2 pin and 3 pin plugs and sockets. So every next product you buy has different kind of pin and that does not suit well and then u rush for multiplug. Some try to bend pin and others use pencil or screw driver to insert electric pin in sockets. My request to our govt is that official import of electrical goods must have a particular standard and specially they must have one type of pin be it mobile charger, shaver, cordless, TV or anything they must be suitable to sockets at all our places be it home, hotel, train or else where. Today millions of multi plugs are sold only because there is no prescribed type of pins by govt of India. Many times our chargers are loose and do not fit properly and keep falling or do not charge and we have to do jugglery with pins and sockets. On switch board where u need one or two sockets you go for variety as u never know which appliance will require what type of sockets. Hope some one is listening.Pl. all of u circulate this request to central govt one told you this except Alok....

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