Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The sleeping citizens and their apathy to politics is responsible for bad politicians

When I went in to politics all my well wishers opposed my decision. They said concentrate on business. Earn and give up politics. Some humiliated me calling me netaji and so on. Today I find they facing tough time every where due to free way they hv given to bad politicians. Specially communities like Jains and marwaries who think they can buy a politicians and bureaucrats then why be in politics. Where as atleast one person from Muslims and dalit community and one person from UP and Bihari family is full time active in politics and is supported by family, their samaj and ulemas and others . Their community leaders or religious leaders negotiate terms with top leaders of political parties on the eve of elections. I am in know of a deal with Murli bhai years back and there after in Friday namaj the voters were asked to vote for him. My friend and then reformist bohra Shri Abbas lost a ticket from congress as a deal between the then samaj leader of Bohra community. In one of the tkt distributing meeting Yusuf Patel was the deciding factor for Mumbai tickets .
When I contested MLC elections from Mumbai Graduates constituency I found that while my community was making a mockery of me ( I still stood third) but the people of Late Pramod Navalkar 's community was day and night working for him and were plying cars a, buses, and spending on publicity. Shivsena asked each and every shakha to enroll as much voter as they can and they enrolled voters illegally even from Thane and new Mumbai giving false Mumbai address and brought them in buses to vote. My men when drew attention of a police officer to this then he replied Tula aat taku / shall I put u behind bars and he was silenced. I can't forget one friend Shri Ashok Ajmera ( CA) who spent money and released some advertisements in Midday in my favour and my wife who moved alone in my car ( only car available) to all big colonies where there were more graduates like RBI colony, LIC colony etc.. However I am happy that I lost to a good person Late Shri Pramod Navalkar who had introduced Nana nani park concept in Mumbai.
The CIA, USSR, ISI even Czechoslovakia was active in getting tickets to their men. But on 6th of April Digambar Jain sammelan held at Dadar when I requested a time of 1 minute to speak about Shri Vinod Ganagwal the only dig jain candidate in Mumbai and around but I was refused. And I am one of the the Vice president of the Mumbai Digambar Jain Seva Samiti since inception. I know my way out and snatched the opportunity when mic came in my hand for some other reason. My grand father was always giving a life time guideline by saying sutra " Saat Sukh" 7 ways to happiness and one of sutra is Raj mein pasa. Effective hand in Government. And in a mobocracy that ours is we can have our say only when we hv some active politicians from our folks to represent us, raise issues affecting us, to give good governance . But we have rich shatranj ke khiladi and poor with no vision who look for free lunches and sponsors and nothing beyond that.

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