Tuesday, February 4, 2014

attack on Pak artists press conference

I know and will always be deeply sad abt how Pak terrorists attacked Mumbai, how head was slashed of our soldier and so on. Our secret services must have given fitting reply. If not then we ( specially more street agitated politicians ) must meet PM head of RAW and Presi the head of armed forces to promptly give fitting reply to enemies.
But it is not right to attack any common-man or artist from Pakistan or elsewhere. SS can use Gandhigiri hence forth and see such visiting guests and convince them that they must pressurize their govt to stop such heinous activities.
Coming on streets in violent way specially near elections are read wrongly and voters are intelligent and enlightened and no one can take mileage by such ruckus.

I understand the hurt emotions of every Indian but let us present our grievance more impressively.

Election Commission: If police produces with evidence any violent attacker on life and property then he must be barred from contesting elections for 5 years. Only then those trying to outshine the wrong way will be restrained.

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