Friday, January 17, 2014

Aam and khas 1

This is 1st part of 3 videos. Here there r two persons. First is myself , Alok Tholiya who is AAM ADMI but not illiterate, ignorant, out of resources,etc etc.. but still I am struggling in various govt. departments for last 10 years against ( then imagine condition of a majdoor,farmer, old, women, etc). Another is a KHAS ADMI one Madhukar Purohit a big time gems and jewelry exporter from Jaipur and whose father was tenant in our building. Madhukar is not a mafia, does not have links with super big whose who , is not very experienced criminal but still he is successfully evading all laws, manipulating documents, fighting in rent act court by delay tactics, false statements etc.. These videos ( pl. spare 1 hour and see all the three videos and if not together then as you find time ) . An AAM ADMI Alok Tholiya who is not bribing as per family upbringing, who is not having backing of chief of SS/MNS/CONG./SP,BSP. etc or of mafia king pin, is not throwing cocktail parties  is made to rott. And Madhukar Purohit is able to manage every govt dept inspite of being on wrong side and is being served as Master by all of them for  dime? If he can manage names in two states voters list, possess ration card in Mumbai , use LPG connection of third party , manage driving licence illegally and so on then there is no doubt Dawood , Ambani and such can control entire home ministry, law machinery, courts, and so on. PL. listen and know what is AAM ADMI and what is KHAS ( VIP/ Successful ) ADMI in Indian contacts.

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