Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do v need Judges from foreign

U cant commit even small crime like stealing  a bread even if u r dying hungry. But due to genetic defects even rich and wealthy committ crime under section 498A for dowry. I hv seen there r so many of them our there who waste money like water but when it comes to marriage they expect dowery and if same is not satisfying their lust then they behave inhumanly, harrass bride,armtwist, go physical, threaten to throw her out, make her do domestic chorus even if not well, etc etc all because they want dowery. The result of a defective genes of 5000 years.

I recently saw on TV abraod a parents r punished for being careless to a child and in India for so many dowery cases for years r taken but  courts and culprits r let loose. Why ???? Do v need Judges from foreign who hv different genes who can be non partisan and give punishment which becomes lesson for all who seek dowery for extravaganza and for satisfying greed????
police walo ki kali kamai-

Wear this batch & just feel proud to become a part of changes.....

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