Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mukesh bhai has more in terms of wealth

Alok Tholiya

12:37 PM (0 minutes ago)

Dear All, This is a fit case for even consumer courts to take up suo motto but as consumers court like most other courts imparts harassment and delays so hardly anyone approaches them and yet the are over burdened???? .....Alok

Dear Anil Ambaniji,


Pl. refer to ur own handbill truly unlimited sent today on my yesterdays inquiry.

It claims truly unlimited . It is blatant misrepresentation and cheating as nothing there is unlimited . As a genuine ethical businessman u must advise ur marketeers ( who are presently fraudsters) to use attractive but correct names for scheme say this cud be super / delux/ bonanza/ loyalty/ diwali offer / cheap and best but can not be called truely unlimited when it is not.

I was sold plan 1299 with 6000 sms bundled and then in the name of trai orders same has been reduced to 3000.I have been asking for copy of TRAI orders which is not given. As a ethical business house ( I suppose urs is) A. must give supporting documents for reducing benefits offered. B. Must apologies for unilaterally changing scheme downward .
C. Must give reasonable off / reduction when u curtail benefits as announced. As I am sure papa has left enough for you to fend for so no need to gulp. Build image. Mukesh bhai has more in terms of wealth but u can earn more respect, more name by being human, compassionate, ethical. E. Tata 's and others are still giving 6000 sms so does TRAI make different policies for Reliance or Reliance officers are misusing TRAI name????

When even today your rep. are giving offer of 6000 sms in plan truly unlimited and I was given same but in effect I am being charged Rs 1 beyond 3000 sms is wrong and I request you to intervene and take stern action against officers who makes such a policy which spoils your emerging name.

Thanks and Regards,

Alok Tholiya,

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