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Alok does PHD and shares with all for their benefit.....Pl. send ur views on this mail‏

Let donkey ( CEO) work for you and carry ur load and yet give master what he would have never got without this donkey.....learning to share .......and reaching top ....and making  dreams reality.......share 5% mantra  ......( and get 95% otherwise unrealisable ) ..Alok

What they dont teach in Havard:
How to start branch after branch:
How to start another unit/ franchise/ agents/ brokers :
How to start encashing on idle / unutilised (normally ancestral property) strength/ resources/ property etc.:
How to get the work done:
How to make others dance to ur tune: simple awnser ....SHARE  SHARE AND SHARE and ACT ACT & ACT IMMEDIATELY AS no one has seen tomorrow.


My dear all,

I m not competent to offer advise / or talk about modern corporate working (neither u have asked me to) but yet I want to share few things as seen by me:
 Negative side:
You shud have lots of guts, influence, fearlessness ( of law and god) , be non approachable ( have PA’s, VP’s, whole time directors) , make govt officials in ministries , ministers etc ur shreholders and then:
1.Get bank loan
2.get huge pc of  land
3. Get licences in ziffi ( a poor cobbler will take few yrs to get his licence )
4. Get ( steal) water, power etc.
5. Break rules, evade excise, sales tax, Income tax etc etc

But finally bring co. to profit. Once there is a profit then fool investors, cheat brokers will ensure that ur scripts goes up and up.

Then plan another venture where there is a profit of above 150%. Hire one CEO. Put him to  task. He fails then replace and he succeeds then go and put another industry.

Keep adding on and just look in to balance sheet of each industry on quarterly basis and that’s it . If  it is in red it is funeral of its CEO/ M.M., VP, and shareholders etc and if it brings profit then go ahead acquire another industry / project / ( govt is out to give all projects to handful of industrialists whether they have know how or experience or not) ( they in turn tie up with foreign companies by adding their cost ) ( if the project was given to directly to foreign good company then cost cud be 50% down). But then they may or may not be able to bribe as much as Indian cos wud by compromising with quality, delivery time, they will be able to revise quotation with the bribe several times and see the quality of project : santacruz east sky walk has several type of mismatching tile, they r slippery . so no consideration of beauty, grace has been kept and tiles r not anti skid so in monsoon, etc old, weak, women, children r slipping and falling. But on the other hand these industrialists r making house from 100 cr to 1600 crore ( Ambani). They r in IPL, Horse race , foot Ball and every other thing. See the houses of ministers and bureaucrats which r shining like gold, forget tiles every other thing is in good taste, aesthetic, interiors of class but public projects r in dirty design and looks. And then lights in subways don’t work, their favourite voters from UP , Bihar keep spitting everywhere and no law is made to stop this infectious diseases spreading dirty habits.

So to sum up : U can make money : rise high : if u can pocket ministers , officers and fool investors.

The CEO : CEO thinks he is the boss but he is the slave of 24 hours of the company and is supposed to give results or be out.

Share holders: Lot of money will be syphoned out, but balance sheet will be attractive and further is 4 word advise by sms or email brokers will give So called advise ( tip) and u will invest blindly ( out of lust) and buy manipulated share.And keep them in locker and sleep.

Banks and land:   Not for poor, not for needy, but for those who can give rosy projects, make who’s who partner, can bribe they will get loans at lower rate and land for peanut price.

Licences: U will not get even death certificate for months without bribing and several visits, u will not get death body released form municipal morgue without money, u will not get to register FIR without hours of harassment and bribe , U will not get justice from Indian courts for decades, it took 6 months and 20000/- bribe for me to get one water connection of ½ ’’ but these industrialists get biggest NOC’s , licences, permissions, connections  in seconds and on their table . How?? Their projects r operational in a year but a small man will run everywhere personally but no permission comes in hand for years . Why???

Because the Indian Industry runs on different theory which is not taught in Havard.


But then Kutchi Gujrati samaj has been following the above appoint CEO principle very successfully ( though most of their business runs successfully on tax evasion like grocery, electrical, hardware, food, clothing, garment , utensils, crockery, stationary, xerox, etc etc  where they never issue any bill , never sell any thing with proper price printed, quality assured but they thrive).
So coming back to their using appoint CEO feature: They have a very good network with in community. Community takes care of old, suffering, sick, students etc.. So their own people do not cheat the employer easily from own community. When some one is running a business of retail nature then normally they r not able to expand easily as they r stuck up on their own cash counter and controlling staff and stocks . But when a kutchi is running one  business successfully then he does not stop there. He picks up one of his good own community staff and makes him a working partner and starts another shop. And then next and then next. So I have seen Kutchis and to some extent godvalia marwaris and shettys in hotel industry grow faster then others as they open new out lets / branches depending on working partner which in new management we call CEO. Is in’t it a fine and useful  idea. But u shud have control over the working partner / CEO who shud not deceive and achieve in time frame ur objectives. Best thing in present environment is have clear cut black and white  MOU/ target/ profit sharing/ goals so nothing is left to chances, misinterpretation, feud, confusion etc.

Say there is a group of brothers with a family owned property. All may be busy in some other business activity and the precious piece of land may be lying neglected or may be gulped by land sharks or may one day go down the drain due to fight in 3rd / 4 rth generation on ancestral property with different objectives, aims , aspirations etc..
In such a case all busy co-owners can appoint a CEO with clear but wide powers and fixed responsibilities so in set period a ambitious project comes up. IF it works out then same efforts can be continued by making it a regular joint business. Or they can part with the fruits of the unutilised piece of land on which there r many eyes set.

But is is not easy for most. Not all want to share the profits and in turn loose what they can get out of untouched project themselves / opportunity lost is lost. But there r most people with the attitude that main karun bhi nahi and karne bhi nahi duuun ( nither I will do or I will let u / other co-owners do). Main kar bhi nahi sakta lekin mein karne bhi nahi dena chahta ( I know I have no time, no skill, no resources to do but yes I will also not let other person do). Such people wait for destiny and prey that apple should fall on  their lap/ jholi. Yes it may one day fall but if by chance u get a nap and others can take away that apple which was about to fall in ur jholi and for which u have been waiting for long. So the brilliant r those who employ CEO who risks his life and climbs the tree who plucks all the fruits, secures them , gives you as and when u want them and for all these services he expects a small share from ur orchid. It is up to u to decide whether u want to be without assured returns in ur own life time or u want to share the fruits and happiness of  success shared .

Thanks and Regards,
Alok Tholiya (S.E.O.),Marigold Hall,

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