Friday, April 27, 2012

urgent need for awakening in Khandelwal Jain Samaj.....other Jains too can follow the suit...

Need for Jain yuvak yuvti Association: We have organisations ( atleast in Mumbai) for seniors like Khandelwal Digambar Jain Samaj and we also have org. for married young couples like Digamabr Jain social Group. However there is a greater need for having a group of bachelors/ marriageable age youth of our samaj. They can be source of powerful energy for our social projects as well as for organising workforce intensive events. Besides this will increase greater relationship amongst youth of our community and will increase chance of marriage with in the community. 2. Building assets for future of our community: We have enough temples and more then that murtis. But we dont have our own hall, community center, and do not have enough accomodation for visiting patient guest student and others . It is easy for all groups to buy a flat in each locality . say group of Khandelwal Jains from Bandra to Andheri can easily unite and buy a flat of 100sq feet. Same can be managed by good volunteers. ( here Rich in samaj must understand that they have money but no time and thus they must unhesitatingly take help of others in samaj who have vice versa means time and inclination to work. Most of us have just sufficient place and if a patient comes to our city of treatment of longer period then we have to beg before others for temporary accommodation. There was a time when 1000sq feet in santacruz east was available for 10lacs and I had mooted the idea in our group of 8 couples that if each one of us introduce just Rs 2lacs then we can buy and furnish a place and use it forever for common/ community purpose but no one heeded. Today same place is costing Rs 1.5 cr in 12 yrs. Stay in hotel for 15 days to our guest will cost 50000/- or so etc etc.. or we have to be unkind and unhelpful to our own guest by refusing to attend to them or some time attend at the cost of inconvenience to all concerned. 3 . Mediation Center: We must have mediation center for our samaj. As times are changing fast we will have many family issues coming up. sending them to costly delaying courts is no use. Better we have our own system in place which can save the concerned from lot of troubles. The retired intellectuals can play the roll in this. Hope and pray for best ........... Thanks and Regards, Alok Tholiya,,

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  1. Hello Alok Tholiya, This is Alokkumar Kasliwal. I believe we had met at Sasmira if I am not mistaken.

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